The perfect team : experience + caring = results

William D. Namnath, Esq.

William is dedicated to helping the Napa community with their Social Security Disability needs.  He has represented claimants at Social Security administrative hearings in San Rafael, Oakland, Sacramento and San Francisco, and the Appeals Council.

Hilary K. Spaulding, Esq. 

Hilary's area of expertise and long-standing practice are in estate planning, probate, trust law and conservatorships.  She has dedicated her career to helping those with access and functional needs, and has served as the site coordinator for the Avanti House with the Buckelew Programs in Marin County.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people in need. Over 60% of Social Security Disability applications are turned down initially - most of these are legitimate cases that simply need more complete information, expert help with the required documentation, or different medical opinion. If you or someone you love is out of work, we want to help


William Namnath